1. Is Bahaquote free or paid?

The free version of BahaQuote allows you to create 20 invoices. You can upgrade to the paid version to enjoy all features.

2. Does BahaQuote provide web/desktop software?

The BahaQuote web version can be accessed from the website: http://www.bahaquote.com/ and the app for android and IOS can be downloaded from Play store and App store respectively.

3. How do I get started to use BahaQuote?

Visit our website:Bahaquote web and sign-up for the app. Provide the basic information to set up your account. You can start using the app after you sign-up. Make sure that the app is downloaded from Play store or App store (for android and iphone users). You can use the app or the web version of the application using the same login credentials.

4. Once I sign up for BahaQuote, is my personal information secure?

We assure you that any information related to your account will not be disclosed to anyone. In addition, when you pay by credit card for Bahaquote services, your credit card information is encrypted and stored in the app. It is securely passed to the credit card companies for use in a single transaction.We are committed to protecting your privacy at all times.

5. Does Bahaquote support multiple languages?

Yes. BahaQuote is available in seven different International languages: Arabic, Spanish, German, Russian,French, Italian and English

6. Is Bahaquote available on my mobile device?

Yes, we currently support web, iPhone and Android users.

7. Can I add optional features later?

Yes, you can submit a feature request and get them added to your BahaQuote account (additional fees apply).

8. Can I become a partner?

Yes,we are looking for passionate and experienced people who share our vision of enabling users online. Visit our website and send your proposal using the contact email ID.

9. Do you back up my data?

Yes. In addition to maintaining two backup copies of your data, we automatically back up your updated data every day. It is stored in redundant servers which is firewall protected, so your data is safe from hardware and software failures, hackers and viruses. Because we update your records with every change, we cannot restore your file to a previous state at any given time.

10. How can I use BahaQuote?

Please read the user manual for the app (http://www.bahaquote.com/usermanual/)
Please visit BahaQuote website to access the web help (http://www.bahaquote.com/howitwork.html)

11. How do I select ‘’credit’’ as the option to a payment?

When you create a new payment and select a current customer with credit, on the “Enter Payment” page you can choose "Apply Credit"

12. What are partial payments?

Partial payments allow your clients to partially pay their bill at different times, as opposed to requiring full invoice payment in a one-time transaction. You can locate the “Partial paid” tab at the top of an existing or new invoice. Simply enter the partial payment amount. After a customer pays the partial amount, the invoice will update itself to reflect the remaining balance due.

13. How do recurring invoices work?

Creating a new recurring invoice will automatically create copy of this invoice between “Start Date” and “End Date”. Here you can set up the Frequency details per invoice for a recurring invoice. Your options include Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Yearly.

14. How do I change the language options in BahaQuote?

From the dashboard or main menu, tap on Settings and tap on Change Language to choose from the available language options. BahaQuote currently supports seven different languages including English.

15. Does BahaQuote offer all International currency options?

Yes. BahaQuote supports all International currencies.

16. Can I print the reports generated by BahaQuote mobile app using my mobile/device?

Yes. BahaQuote connects to printers configured on your device such as CloudPrint and Bluetooth print. Make sure that your printer is configured to print via the mobile/device and you have active Internet connection.

17. Can BahaQuote be used on tablets/phablets?

Yes. BahaQuote can be used on mobile devices, tablets/phablets that support Android and iOS.

18. Is BahaQuote supported on Windows devices?

No. BahaQuote app is not available for Windows devices. BahaQuote web application can be accessed via Windows OS.

19. What is the price to get the full features of BahaQuote?

Please visit http://www.bahaquote.com/PlanUpgrade.aspx to view the pricing options.

20. What are the additional features in the paid version compared to the free version?

The paid version offers unlimited transactions and dedicated email support. The free version is limited to 20 transactions and there is no dedicated support. However, support queries follow our standard support process.

21. If there is a technical issue in the app or the web version, what is the support mechanism to submit a ticket?

The BahaQuote app offers Help Desk feature. From the main menu, tap on Help Desk to submit a support ticket.

22. When the app is upgraded in the future, how do you roll this out to free users?

Any upgrade to the app that is available to all users, is pushed to the app from the backend. The app will be updated automatically notifying the user.

23. Does the web application offer the same features as mobile app?

Yes. Both the mobile application and the web application offer the same features.

24. If I change my device and install BahaQuote on the new device, will I be able to retrieve my previous data by using the same login?

Yes. Login with the existing user credentials to retrieve your data.

25. If my phone/device is lost/stolen or misplaced and I want to avoid misuse of my data, how do I disable unauthorized access to my account?

Please visit www.bahaquote.com and login to the web application. Go to Settings and change your password immediately.

26. How do I change the customer’s email address or contact details?

From the main menu, tap on Customer. Tap Customer list. This will show the list of customers created in the app. Tap on the customer list to edit the details. Tap on Save to save your changes.

27. What level of support is available for BahaQuote users?

Free users can submit a support ticket using the Help Desk option in the main menu. The support level differs for paid users.

28. Is the free version of the app free of advertisements?

Yes. You will not see any ads while using BahaQuote app (unless prompted by your device for other reasons).

29. Can the app be customized?

Yes, please contact the sales team for customization queries. Visit http://www.bahaquote.com/contact.aspx to reach the sales team.

30. If I have specific feedback to the team about BahaQuote, what is the email ID to send my suggestions?

Visit http://www.bahaquote.com/Support.aspx to share your feedback. You may select the most appropriate category to submit your feedback. Alternatively, you may mail your queries to: projects@bahaquote.com

31. Where is my business information stored?

Your information is saved securely on cloud.