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NEW TO Mil-Bar


Where Ingenuity meets Tradition

Mil-Bar had a vision to better the existing campaign ribbon bar holder. Thinking outside of the box…the first Plastic Ribbon Bar holder was invented in 1958 and still used today.

We were creative in devising a method where you can simply snap your ribbons on or off with ease in the mounting process.

Mil-Bar is not your typical supplier! We are in the business of making better products!

Our goal is to bring quality products to the market and improve on existing products.

Our Customers

Since 1965 We have been dedicated to providing the highest quality products,

Our competitive prices, quality of products and timeliness of service is our promise to you.

We pay attention to detail and are responsive to your needs.


Our Products

We are Manufacturers & Suppliers of Military Insignia products.

We are a TIOH Certified Organization by the Army’s Institute of Heraldry, the organization responsible for assuring the strict quality and minting standards of governmental medals and ribbons. (Hallmark M-39)